Assessment Provision through Interoperable Segments

Welcome to the APIS project website.

APIS (Assessment Provision through Interoperable Segments) is funded by the JISC under the e-Learning Programme - Technical Framework and Tools Strand to produce a modular item rendering engine in line with the IMS Question and Test Interoperability version 2.0 specification.

Orriginally it was planned to put forward a new API which would accommodate these needs based on the work of the OKI initiative and IMS Web Services, however we found OKI failed to provide the low level support for assessment we needed. The JISC funded Serving Maths project had similar needs, and in collaboration with them we came up with RQP (Remote Question Protocol), a web service specification for online assessment systems to use external item engines such as APIS.

Project team - see the project summary page.

A current development snapshot can be obtained from the CVS repository. Go to the project summary page for more information.

I'd appreciate an e-mail from anyone who looks at it, and in particular from anyone who'd like to get involved with the development.
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